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We are excited to bring back our shows!

ADA is organizing two one day recognized open shows in August. The shows will be held August 22nd and August 23rd at WestWorld in Scottsdale. Because we will be in the height of our Arizona summer, we will use the Equidome for our shows. It will be a one ring show on both days.

Good News! The Equidome is air conditioned which will be wonderful for our competitors;

Bad News:  We can only accommodate one ring. Therefore it will limit the number of rides we can schedule.

Main Competition Ring:  The Equidome

Warm Up Rings:  Inside the Equidome as well as Ring 3 (covered tent outside the Equidome).

If the attendance of the shows is what we are predicting it will be, we might have some issues with the scheduling of the classes since we only have one ring. Because of this we will have to ask those who are planning on coming to the shows to keep in mind that we may be limiting the number of classes each rider/horse combination can enter. We may only be able to accommodate riders in one of the shows. We will also have to consider giving priority to those seeking qualifying scores for Regionals. If attendance is not as strong as we predict than there will be more opportunities to ride in other classes.

Here is what we are considering:

Regional Qualifying: Riders attending the shows will be able to earn qualifying scores for Regionals. USDF has ruled that riders can earn 2 scores from the same show with the same judge. So those riders would be able to ride in two tests, and those two tests might be on one day or both days depending on demand.

State Championships: ADA has waved the qualifying scores for State Championships (which will be held at our Fall show). Anyone who wants to ride in the State Championships is welcome to enter the competition.

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Number of Entries: ADA will limit the number of rides for the shows if we receive a large number of entries – this means no more than 2 rides per horse for both shows. If your horse is ridden twice on Saturday and the show is full on Sunday, you will not be able to ride your horse in the Sunday show. The same goes for a horse that is scheduled to be ridden twice on Sunday; that horse cannot be ridden in the Saturday show. Please be flexible if you are scheduled to ride only on Saturday, or only on Sunday. Those seeking qualifying scores for Regionals will be given priority. We predict the show will fill fast and it will have a cut off.

Large Groups: The barns/trainers coming with several riders – please let the show secretary know how many riders are in your group and who they are as this will help our secretary schedule your rides so you can all be done around the same time and on the same day. Please write a detailed note of your needs and preferences and send it with your entries.

FEI Riders: Under the rules, FEI riders cannot ride a test twice in one day. Therefore you will automatically be scheduled to ride on Saturday and on Sunday. Please plan accordingly.

Stabling: ADA has to follow the USEF and USDF guidelines on COVID-19. This means no tents, no chairs or places to congregate, no more than one person at a time in the tack room. We strongly suggest that our competitors consider reserving Day Stalls instead of overnight stalls to help minimize exposure. Please take your horse home after you receive your scores. If you came with a group, please take all horses home once the last rider is done. For the FEI riders who may need to stable their horses overnight, stabling is available. We are working on the possibility of getting inside stalls in the South Hall of the Equidome, but this is not yet confirmed.

COVID-19 Guidelines: The show is licensed under USEF therefore we must follow the COVID-19 protocols. Please refer to https://www.usef.org/forms-pubs/XhKGVYiiwTA/usef-covid-19-action-plan-for-operating

What you can expect from these guidelines:

Masks: Please bring a mask with you to the show grounds. If you do not bring your own mask, ADA will provide you one. Wear your mask when in close proximity to others while on the show grounds.

Self-Monitor: As per the guidelines. Monitor your temperature prior to attending the shows and while at the shows. If you are symptomatic, please do not come to the shows.

Social Distancing: Please keep your social distancing of 6 feet.

Food and Vendors: There will be no food or vendors at the shows. Please plan accordingly. ADA will provide water.

Score Sheets: We are still working on the details of how to get the scores to our competitors. Please make sure to add your Cell Phone Number to your entry as we may be texting you a picture of your score sheet.

Show Secretary: Please stand on the lines taped to the floor for social distancing. Send one person per group to pick up entry numbers. Most importantly, please make sure your entry is thoroughly completed to avoid delays.

Awards: We are still working on the details of the awards for these shows.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us. We will provide more details on the shows in a couple of weeks when we have more information to share. For now, we are very happy with the opportunity to bring the shows back and to help our members ride in front of a judge to see how they are doing in their learning, to earn qualifying scores for the Regionals and to expose their horses to a show atmosphere again

We look forward to seeing many of you at the shows!

The ADA Show Committee.

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