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Arizona Dressage Association

ADA Futurity Competition

Futurity-2015Photos by Blue Moon Studios

Have you got a promising young Dressage horse? Why not enter the ADA Futurity at the Spring Celebration show? Submit your Futurity Form BEFORE October 1st to avoid late nomination fees!

Each year young horses (4, 5 or 6 years old) may compete for the Futurity Award and Prize Monies. Horses are typically nominated in the Fall (October 1st deadline) but can be nominated at any time prior to the Spring Show with late entry fees applied. Horses can compete at First Level after being nominated for the Futurity, but cannot compete above First Level until after the Futurity.

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CHAIRMAN: Susan Skripac – [email protected]


  1. All horses entered must be four, five or six years old when competing in the Futurity.
  2. All horse owners and riders must be current ADA members for nomination and when competing in the Futurity.
  3. Horses may not have competed in First Level prior to opening nomination date of October 1st or before any late nomination. Horses may not compete above First Level until after the Futurity. First Level tests include Young Horse, Para Equestrian and Eventing tests as these tests are listed in USEF rule DR119 as First Level tests. As an exception, ADA allows competing in USEF and FEI Four-Year-Old tests prior to competing in the Futurity.

NOMINATION FEES: Fees must be postmarked no later than:

  • Installment #1 Due by October 1st to nominate horse………….$ 60.00 (early nomination)
  • Installment #1 After October 1st…………………….$120.00 (late nomination fee)* (Accompanied by copy of papers with proof of age)
  • Installment #2 Due by March 1st to stay eligible……………….. $ 40.00
  • TOTAL NOMINATION FEE……………$100.00 (if you nominated before Oct 1st)
  • TOTAL LATE NOMINATION FEE……………$160.00 (if you nominated after Oct 1st)*

*A horse may be entered after October 1st at any time prior to the Futurity. However, installment #1 received AFTER October 1st must be doubled to $120.00.

Fees must be received or postmarked on or before the due date.

Failure to make a payment by the due date will result in all previous payments being forfeited (i.e., No Refunds of previous payments). Owners must enter their horses in the Futurity Classes at ADA’s Spring Celebration Show (First Level Tests 1 and 2) and pay the entry fees for these classes separately.


Open Division and Amateur/JRYR Division each have a guaranteed added purse of $300.00 donated by ADA.

Horses are ridden in First Level Tests 1 and 2. Winner will be determined by the highest total average percentage score from all judges on the two tests. The Open winner receives the Risinger Futurity Perpetual Trophy plus trophy for new division. Ribbons are awarded through 6th place. All nomination fees go into the purse per division and are divided as follows: 1st –35%; 2nd –20%; 3rd –15%; 4th – 13%; 5th –10%; and 6th-7%, with checks distributed no later than 30 days after the show.


  1. To be judged on all-around ability of horse and rider in First Level Tests 1 and 2, highest total average percentage (all four % scores) to win.
  2. No limit to number of nominations.
  3. Owner and rider must be current members of ADA at the time of nomination and time of competition.
  4. Change of ownership does not void a nomination, but the new owner must be a current member of ADA and the Futurity Chairman must be notified of any change in Ownership.
  5. The ADA Futurity Chairman reserves the right to cancel this Futurity for any reason deemed necessary (with approval of the ADA Board) and all fees will be refunded, less $5.00 per nomination).
  6. All nomination fees (except in case Rule 5) will go into the purse. The purse for each division is a combination $300 donated by ADA plus the nomination fees collected for each division. The prize money distribution is determined by the number of finalists in each division.
  7. Trophies, ribbons and office fees will be sponsored.
  8. Copy of registration papers or a veterinarian’s proof of age must be submitted with the first payment to Futurity.
  9. No refund of nomination fees after October 10th.
  10. Rider must be declared by owner on final nomination date of March 1st. Nominations close on March 1st.
    No changes after March 1st; NO EXCEPTIONS.
  11. The Futurity is held during the ADA Spring Celebration Show. Futurity scores do not count toward other special and perpetual trophy awards.
  12. Tests may be studied at the end of the first day of the competition, but will be retained by the Show Secretary until completion of the Futurity Awards Presentation. Tests will be returned after the Awards ceremony.
  13. Each Futurity entry must pay Show Class Fees (First Level Test 1 and First Level Test 2) at the Spring Celebration Show over and above any and all other Futurity nomination payments.
  14. Horses and riders must be present at the Futurity Awards Ceremony to receive awards and prizes. Failure, without prior permission of the competition manager, to be present and properly attired will eliminate the official score and placing, and the next highest score will move up. If Awards Ceremonies are scheduled in conflict with a competitor’s/horse’s preparation or scheduled ride, the competitor and/or horse will be excused from the Awards Ceremony with permission of the Show Manager. Requests to be excused from the awards ceremony must occur by end of the show day Saturday before the scheduled ceremony Sunday, except in the case of an emergency.Horse leg wraps may be white or black, but are not required. The schedule and location for the Awards Ceremony will be posted in the show secretary’s office by noon on Saturday. Checks will be delivered to the Owner/Lessee no later than 30 days after the Competition.