Arizona Dressage Association

Sandra Kale Award

Open to registered Arabian and Half-Arabian horses that have earned scores at First Level or above at Arizona USEF/USDF-recognized open Dressage competitions held between January 1 and November 30.

Both the rider and the owner of the horse must be ADA members at the time scores are earned.

The trophy is awarded to the horse with the highest average of four scores earned at a minimum of three shows under three different judges at First Level or above. Scores from all levels are combined.

In order to be considered for the ADA Year End Sandra Kale Perpetual Trophy, a purebred Arabian or half Arabian horse must have its registration papers on file with the awards compiling chairman. Once the papers are submitted, they need not be resubmitted each year unless there is a change of ownership.

Submission Deadline is November 1 of each year. For more information information, please submit registration papers to the ADA Scores Compiling Coordinator at

A chart on purebred and half Arabian horses is coming soon.