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Education Overview

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The mission of ADA Education programs is to provide members a variety of opportunities to advance their dressage skills. Throughout the year, the ADA hosts various clinics and mini-lectures on topics related to dressage and equine education; we host five (5) USEF/USDF Recognized Dressage Shows and a variety of Schooling Shows throughout the Phoenix Metro area. During the summer, the Northern Arizona Chapter (NAC) holds its Pronghorn Series Schooling Shows up in the Prescott/Flagstaff area. Our objective is to provide the widest range of dressage education to the greatest number of members and to support the development of dressage in the field of international competition.

Through the generous financial support of its members and supporters, the ADA is able to sponsor these additional ongoing Educational Outreach programs:

Annual Scholarships:

The ADA awards up to five $500 educational scholarships annually under the categories of Open, JR/YR and Adult Amateur. Completed application must be received by February 1st each year and requires active service to the organization (see details below). A scholarship committee consisting of three non-Board ADA members will evaluate each application received based on the stated scholarship criteria and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors.

  • Open and AA applicants must be an ADA member for a minimum of three (3) years including the current membership year. JR/YR must be a member for a minimum of two (2) years including the current membership year. Membership must be in good standing.
  • The educational opportunity requested in the application must be a specific activity that the applicant has established that promotes dressage education and dressage principle, and goes beyond regular lessons. Examples include clinics and training programs offered by recognized and/or certified instructors as well as USDF- and USEF-sponsored programs.
  • Open and Adult Amateur applicants must have volunteered their time or expertise in some way that has benefited the ADA membership as a whole. Examples include volunteer service hours (minimum 8 hours suggested) during current and previous year at ADA shows or events, service on ADA Board or Committees, providing a host venue for ADA clinics, organizing a clinic or a fundraising event for JR/YRs, judging, writing Centerline articles, etc.. JR/YR must have active volunteer service (minimum 4 hours suggested) during current and previous year. Written verification of service must be submitted with application and will be strongly considered during selection process.
  • The Scholarship Chairman notifies all applicants of the outcome. Those who have been awarded scholarships are emailed a “Letter of Agreement” that is a simple contract between the member and ADA that outlines where, when and how the money will be used as well as what the applicant is willing to do for ADA in return. Some ways that members give back for their scholarship assistance are writing a Centerline article on their educational experience, providing a venue for ADA events, organizing a clinic or a fundraising event for JR/YRs, etc., judging, etc. The Letter of Agreement also instructs the recipient to provide receipts to the Scholarship Chairman and Treasurer for all of his/her expenses associated with the scholarship for reimbursement up to the stated amount of $500. It also explains that if for some reason the recipient does not complete the program for which the award was made within one year, the scholarship will be considered forfeited.
  • By accepting scholarships, recipients must agree to volunteer at a future date their time and/or expertise in some way that will benefit the ADA membership as a whole.

ADA support to the development of dressage in the field of international competition is as follows.

Travel Grant Letter of Intent:

The ADA strives to support Members and their equine partners who achieve the highest level of National recognition by offering members competing in National Championships (NAJYRC, Developing Horse, etc.) an opportunity to receive Travel Grants for attending these championship competitions. Travel Grants are funded by the generous donations of ADA members and business individuals and are, therefore, not guaranteed to be available every year. ADA Membership is required and volunteer service hours and support of the ADA and its Mission are encouraged. Submit your letter of intent to any Board member.

Nimbus Travel Grant Letter of Intent:

The Nimbus Travel Grant has been generously donated by Diane Morey in honor of her Brentina Cup horse, Nimbus. The grant will be administered through Arizona Dressage Association as part of the GMO and Diane’s support for riders who are selected to participate in Brentina Cup Competitions. We are very grateful to Diane Morey for sponsoring this grant. If you are interested in a Travel Grant for the Brentina Cup Competition, please send in your Letter of Intent by March 31st. Only riders who have sent in this form will be eligible. Both rider and owner must be members of ADA in good standing at the time of application. The maximum amount per person is $500.

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