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Sponsorship and donations are the engine that drives our mission of promoting classical Dressage education within our local equine community.  Our sponsors are made up of all the individuals, trainers and their facilities, local tack shops and businesses who actively participate to help Dressage thrive and grow.  They support the competitions we attend and are key contributors to the educational events, scholarships and grants that the ADA provides to advance Dressage education.  Help us honor them with the recognition and appreciation they deserve by being patrons of their businesses and by saying thanks to individual sponsors that you see at our shows or events.  You can generally find them listed in our show programs and publications … our class and ring sponsors, show vendors, prize sponsors, etc.

The ADA is fortunate to have many long-time sponsors who are always there when we need them, and you can be a part of this dedicated group as well.  We want to help your business prosper and highlight your generosity to us and to our sport.  With your sponsorship, you advance our Dressage education Mission and help the ADA be the best it can be!

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