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2018 Banquet Sign up & Final 2017 Year End Award Standings

2018 Banquet Sign up & Final 2017 Year End Award Standings

2018 Banquet Sign up & Final 2017 Year End Award Standings

We want to congratulate all of our ADA Members on their successful rides for the 2017 year! Listed below are all the horses and riders who have successfully achieved their scores to be considered for the ADA Year End Awards.

We will be celebrating their accomplishment at our Annual Awards Banquet at the Turf Terrace at Turf Paradise on March 31st, 2018. Location: Turf Paradise Race Track, 1501 W Bell Road, Phoenix. Date/Time:  Sarurday,March 31st, 12:00 Noon ADA Members Cost:   $25.00 per person / Non-Member Guest Cost: $35.00 per person. The ticket price Includes: Admission to Turf Paradise, Seating in the Director’s Suite, Club House Picnic Lunch Menu, Free Water/Tea and Cash Bar, Race Program, How-to-Bet Guide, Race named after the ADA and a 10-Person Photo Opp with the ADA Race Winner. Awards will be distributed after Lunch.

BANQUET REGISTRATION (ADA Membership not Required) >

Contact Kim Pribble () for more details.


Schooling Show Final Standings:

Training level AA champ: Michelle Scarzone, Roxie’s Soul Jazz, 69.8
First level AA Champ: Michelle Scarzone, Roxie’s Soul Jazz, 72.7
Intro Jr champ: Claire Meyers, April, 61.7

Intro AA Champ:  Catherine Peterson, Cappacino’s Sweet Sensation, 68.5

Recognized Show Final Standings:
Riders of the Year – Training through 4th Levels

Criteria: 4 Scores (1 Highest Test) | 3 Different Shows | 3 Different Judges | Volunteerism

Adult Amateur

Training Level

69.117     Cochran, Maren

68.957     Stapleton, Kelly

68.636     Garvin, Angela

66.670     DeBenedetto, Diane

64.716     Scarzone, Michelle

First Level

70.599     Barngrover, Alyssa

68.418     Lindy, Rebecca

67.092     Scarzone, Michelle

65.653     Pinkus, Ganit

64.448     Murphy, Christine

63.430     Carson, Deborah

Second Level

65.305     Kalchik, Allen

63.848     Lindy, Rebecca

63.665     Hanes, Lori

62.134     Jackson, Amy

Third Level

68.494     Lundgren, Jeanette

66.538     Hitchcock, Cindy

65.192     LaCroix, Cindi

64.455     Pollack, Jaime

60.993     Evans, Rachel

Fourth Level

63.243     Finnegan, Kara



Training Level

71.761     Riddell, Kali

68.864     Miller, McKenzie

62.626     Wickham, Ashley

First Level

67.941     Miller, McKenzie

67.383     Riddell, Kali

Second Level

66.025     Super, Alexandra

Third Level

71.122     Southerly, Amanda

66.066     Super, Alexandra


Training Level

76.390     Riddell, Wendy

75.455     Jackson, Cyndi

First Level

66.457     Sundquist, Kirsten

Second Level

67.748     Gilliland, Missy

66.797     Hatch, Toah

Third Level

65.958     LaCroix, Ray

Fourth Level

71.174     Paglia, Paula

65.806     Kurbat, Margaret


Riders of the Year – FEI

 Criteria: 4 Scores | 3 Different Shows | 3 Different Judges | Volunteerism

Adult Amateur


66.579     Lindsten, Sarah

63.092     McLaughlin, Wendy

59.868     Carson, Deborah


59.725     Ziurys, Lucy



64.967     Doty, Kristy

63.257     Weis, Lisa

63.257     Gilliland, Missy


65.575     Gilliland, Missy

58.500     Eikel-Baughman, Nathalie


Horses of the Year – Training through 4th Levels

Criteria: 3 Scores (1 Highest Test) | 3 Different Shows | 3 Different Judges | Volunteerism

Avg              Horse                                           Owner                                 Rider(s)

Training Level

76.981         #Hashtag                                      Riddell, Wendy                 Riddell, Wendy

75.682         Florisson                                      Damiano, Ann                    Jackson, Cyndi

71.742         Angel                                           Riddell, Wendy                 Riddell, Kali

69.242         Fuertado                                      Miller, McKenzie                Miller, McKenzie

69.202         HRH Desire Ablaze                        Cochran, Maren                 Cochran, Maren

68.737         Flamenco                                     Stapleton, Kelly                 Stapleton, Kelly

67.273         Roxie’s Jazz Soul                           Scarzone, Michelle           Scarzone, Michelle

67.151         Just A Little Cookie                       Nicolson, Brianna              Nicolson, Brianna

66.818         Revanche                                     Garvin, Angela                   Garvin, Angela

66.166         Windermere DDB                           DeBenedetto, Diane       DeBenedetto, Diane

65.216         Decked With Chrome                  Schwartz, Maureen    Eikel-Baughman, Nathalie

63.274         Bravado                                        Wickham, Ashley          Wickham, Ashley

First Level

71.471         Go Go Dancer-MGE                       Goss, Michael                    Goss, Michael

70.830         Quintana Roo CR                           Lindy, Rebecca                  Lindy, Rebecca

70.830         Quintana Roo CR                           Lindy, Rebecca                  Gilliland, Missy

70.750         Dacapriella                                   Barngrover, Alyssa            Barngrover, Alyssa

69.486         Go Go Dancer-MGE                       Stark-Goss, Michelle          Goss, Michael

68.115         Angel                                           Riddell, Wendy                 Riddell, Kali

67.941         Romantic Man                              Miller, McKenzie               Miller, McKenzie

66.634         Athos Do Juliana                           Sundquist, Kirsten             Sundquist, Kirsten

66.611         Roxie’s Jazz Soul                           Scarzone, Michelle            Scarzone,Michelle

65.147         Heritage                                       Pinkus, Ganit                     Pinkus, Ganit

64.154         AMF Renoirs Legacy                      De, Acevedo Macdonald    McKay, Heather

64.108         Paddy O’Shea                                Murphy, Christine            Murphy, Christine

63.955         Gallagher                                     Carson, Deborah              Carson, Deborah

57.208         Mystic Thunder                            Perkins, Beverly                Reyes, Erika

Second Level

66.595         Quintana Roo CR                           Lindy, Rebecca                  Lindy, Rebecca

66.595         Quintana Roo CR                           Lindy, Rebecca                  Gilliland, Missy

66.290         Windermere DDB                         DeBenedetto, Diane          Gilliland, Missy

66.163         Alexa Bella                                   Galante, Michele                Super, Alexandra

65.854         Ehrengold                                    Kalchik, Allen                    Kalchik, Allen

65.284         Bristol                                          Jackson, Amy                     Jackson, Amy

65.284         Bristol                                          Jackson, Amy                     Hatch, Toah

62.917         Mad Mardigan                              Hanes, Lori                        Hanes, Lori

Third Level

71.453         Lyric Of Latimer                             Brockbank, Maria             Southerly, Amanda

68.718         Zanzybar                                            Lundgren, Jeanette       Lundgren, Jeanette

67.008         Alexa Bella                                       Galante, Michele    Chandler-Brown, Catherine

67.008         Alexa Bella                                           Galante, Michele               Super, Alexandra

66.667         Finau-Riche D’Apardi                    Hitchcock, Cindy                Hitchcock, Cindy

66.538         Marbella                                      LaCroix, Cindi                    LaCroix, Cindi

65.851         Chipper One                                 LaCroix, Cindi                    LaCroix, Ray

65.093         Dona Isabella                                Vinger, Kelly                      Vinger, Kelly

64.701         I Wont Kiss N Tell                          Pollack, Jaime                   Pollack, Jaime

61.196         Slotgraaf                                       Evans, Rachel                    Evans, Rachel

Fourth Level

70.593         Slipstream                                    Tripp, Sherrill                    Paglia, Paula

66.074         Solana                                          Kurbat, Margaret               Kurbat, Margaret

64.176         Talara                                           Finnegan, Kara                   Finnegan, Kara


Horses of the Year – FEI

 Criteria: 3 Scores | 3 Different Shows | 3 Different Judges

Avg               Horse                                     Owner                                   Rider(s)


68.684          Raoul                                     Lindsten, Sarah                      McKee, Bobbie Lynn / Lindsten, Sarah

65.733          Samaritano IX                         Luebbe, Sandra                      Gilliland, Missy

64.560          Orive Yet                                Reese, Theresa                       Rehberg-Sparks, Ulrike

64.560          Orive Yet                                Reese, Theresa                        Hope-Reese, Theresa

64.254          Valentino                               Barcus, Debbie                      Weis, Lisa

63.289          Hermione NSF                        DeBenedetto, Diane              Gilliland, Missy

63.114          Sterling                                  McLaughlin, Wendy               McLaughlin, Wendy

62.982          Bailando                                McHenry, Erin                        McHenry, Erin

62.851          Wendo                                  Lorenzen, Kay                        Lorenzen, Kay

60.856          Narok                                 Eikel-Baughman, Nathalie        Eikel-Baughman, Nathalie

60.526          Zantango                                Carson, Deborah                    Carson, Deborah

60.033          Sylvano                                  Ziurys, Lucy                            Ziurys, Lucy


Freestyle Rider / Horse of the Year

Criteria: 3 Scores | 3 Different Shows | 3 Different Judges | Volunteerism

Adult Amateur


69.700         Kay Lorenzen / Wendo


Cameo Award

Criteria: 3 Scores | 3 Different Judges | Volunteerism

Avg              Horse                         Owner                                    Rider

60.033         Sylvano                      Ziurys, Lucy                             Ziurys, Lucy

62.851         Wendo                       Lorenzen, Kay                         Lorenzen, Kay


Sandra Kale Award

Criteria: 4 Scores |3 Different Shows |3 Different Judges | Volunteerism

Avg        Horse                                 Breed            Registration      Owner                         Rider

67.900          Alexa Bella                  Arabian                                                  Michelle Galante           Alexandra Super

65.958     Chipper One              Arabian                     1A 358523           LaCroix, Cindi               LaCroix, Ray

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