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2017 Volunteer of the Year Nominations Wanted

2017 Volunteer of the Year Nominations Wanted

Volunteer of the Year Award will be a $50 gift certificate and recognition certificate presented at the ADA Year End Awards Banquet.   We’d love to hear from YOU!  If you know of an ADA Volunteer who has given exceptional service to the organization, the Board is now accepting names through end of March.  Submit nominee to: ADABoard@azdressage.org

Volunteer of the Year nominees must have minimum of 8 hours volunteer time, no payment of volunteer time and donated hours must not exceed 25% of total volunteer time.  This award is open to members and non-members.   If no one person has more than one nomination, the top three (determined by number of volunteer hours) will be submitted to the ADA Board for a vote.  If after all nominations and board votes there is still a tie, preference will go to an ADA member.

Contact  ADABoard@azdressage.org to submit a nominee.

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