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August 16-17, 2014

Opening Date: June 24th

Closing Date: July 21st

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The Arizona Dressage Association, a USDF Region 5 Group Member Organizatoin (GMO),  is a not-for-profit educational organization whose goal is to promote the advancement of Classical Dressage through educational opportunities and programs and the rigorous evaluations received at USEF/USDF recognized and schooling dressage shows.  While originally formed in 1963, the organization's focus on Dressage began in 1975. Since that time, the group has grown to about 400 Dressage enthusiasts who pursue their love of horses and Dressage through our many educational programs and shows.




Thank you for taking our survey!

Your responses help shape future educational programs like recognized and shooling shows, clinics, scholarships, grant programs, etc.

ADA News:

  • 72% of responders receive ADA news via some combination of the ADA Website, the electronic Centerline and the hard copy Centerline
  • 90% of responders wish to keep a monthly newsletter
  • 77% of responders are fine with electronic newsletter delivery only
    • 9 responders did not wish electronic only
      • 2 chose Local Tack Shop delivery as a preferred option
      • 6 chose Fee-Based Postal delivery as a preferred option
    • 23 GMO’s from across the country spanning all USDF Regions were randomly selected to assess current newsletter delivery methods
      • 19  (82.6%) offered electronic newsletter delivery only
      • 1 offered quarterly hard copy as well as electronic
      • 1 offered bi-monthly hard copy as well as electronic monthly
      • 1 offered monthly hard copy only
      • 1 offered bi-monthly hard copy only
  • Redirected electronic Savings Suggestions (up to $5,000 - Order of Preference):
    • More Big Name Trainer Clinics
    • More ADA Scholarships/Grants
    • Better Prizes at Recognized Shows
    • Better Year End Awards Banquet
  • Other Suggestions for Redirecting Savings:
    • More Recognized Shows
    • More Schooling Shows
    • Better Volunteer Prizes
    • Discount on Entry Fees
    • Make BNT clinics more affordable

Education Programs:

  • 48% of responders Ride in 1-2 clinics per year
    • 35.9% pay $200 or more/ride for these clinics
    • 28.2% pay $150/ride
    • 28.2% pay $100/ride
    • 2.5% pay $75/ride
  • 46% of responders Audit 1-2 clinics per year

Preferred “Other” Clinics in order of Preference:

  • Ride to Music
  • Showing Strategies
  • Adult Camp
  • L Program Parts 1 and 2 / Saddle Fitting / Continuing Education for L Grads/Judges
  • Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi
  • Conformation / Centered Riding
  • Long Lining/Lungeing Techniques
  • Ground Work / Motivational clinics / Lower Level Basics
  • Safe Trailering / CPR
  • Showing in Hand / Alexander Technique / Loading a Horse
  • How to Ride Movements in a Test / Have Judges break down movements and explain what they are looking for

Most Important indicators for Attending Clinics (In Order of Preference):

  • Clinician
  • Price
  • Topic/Theme

Two Primary Obstacles to Attending Educational Programs:

  • Cost of Admission
  • Taking the Time to Attend

Which Seminars would Members Attend? (Multiple Answers Allowed)

  • 51% - Equine Health
  • 41% - Rider Fitness
  • 23% - DVD Nights
  • Other – Hands on Therapeutic – Proper Bandaging and Treating of Wounds


  • 85% found ADA event facilities were adequate
  • 85% located ADA events easily

What Should ADA focus on? (Multiple Answers allowed)

  • 49% - Adult Amateur Programs
  • 46% - More Clinics
  • 41% - More Recognized Shows
  • 15% - Social Events


62% of Responders expressed interest in Multi-Year Memberships

31% of Responders expressed interest in Business Memberships


Total Membership Response:  15.3%

  • All members received a survey request via Hard Copy Centerline, Electronic Centerline, ADA Website and ADA Facebook page
  • Of the total # of survey responses received, 22 survey submissions were not considered because their IP address matched previously submitted surveys.  This could happen for a number of reasons, including erroneous multiple submissions, purposeful multiple submissions, multiple Family membership responses where both Primary and Supporting member(s) responded.  ADA chose to err on the safe side (to avoid purposefully skewed results) and not include these.
  • 90% of surveys completed were submitted electronically


Check your Arizona State Championships Status Here:

Please contact Sue Leutwyler at s.leutwyler@azdressage.org with any questions.


And don't forget ... Our ADA Flagstaff shows are a great opportunity to get the scores you need to ride in the Arizona State Championships in November.

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